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The Price Of The Pants - 1037 Words

She had only browsed the store for a couple of minutes when she came across the perfect skirt. It was a short, cherry red fringed skirt made of the finest Italian cotton. She disappeared in the fitting room for a couple of minutes to try it on. Camera flashes light up the hallway as she takes pictures of herself modeling the skirt from different angles. However, the more she fell in love with the skirt the more hesitant she became of the pricey $400 price tag. Unable to justify the price of the skirt, she walked away empty handed towards a different store. After scanning multiple isles at Zara, a skirt very similar to the one she tried on earlier appeared for a fraction of the price. Sure the skirt had some loose threads and the quality of the cotton was cheaper, but the look was spot on, and was a much better purchase. Now while most of us would agree that a price reduction on a pricey item this big might seem like a savvy and economical choice, but these low price tags come with a much larger expense to others that people are not aware of. These unaccounted expenses vary from the pollution of water and air, down to the soil where these factories are built and established. It doesn’t stop there either; the fashion industry is also responsible for the destruction of land and even the deaths of individuals who work in the production segments. The purpose of this paper is to explore how fast fashion affects markets and environments, while attempting to increase awareness ofShow MoreRelatedThe Problem Of Defective Yoga Pants1297 Words   |  6 Pagescase study analysis will define the problem of defective yoga pants products, corporate corruption, and the growing media conflict of â€Å"weigh shaming† in the sizes-2-12 limits on Lululemon yoga pants. Lululemon has seen a fall in the price of stock market shares due to these major defects of yoga pants products and corporate unethical decision making processes. The Problem: Lululemon has a growing reputation for making defective yoga pants (due to sheerness and â€Å"see-through†), which has made it necessaryRead MoreDrypers Corporation Essay1021 Words   |  5 Pagesand marketer of premium- quality, valued- priced disposable baby diapers and training pants sold under the Drypers brand name in the United States and under the Drypers name and other brand names internationally. The company also manufactures and sells lower-priced disposable diapers under other brand names (Comfees) in the United States and internationally, in addition to private- label diapers, training pants, and premoistened baby wipes. In 1997, branded products represent 88.9% of company netRead MoreHarrington: Cost and Variable Costs1062 Words   |  5 Pageslow price and rapid style turnover in the women’s apparel market, along with tremendous growth in the active-wear segment, Harrington needs to work strategically to capture this profitable market opportunity. Afte r careful analysis, it was determined that Harrington should implement a new active-wear line. Financial Analysis While doing the financial analysis it is important to calculate the unit price first. Using the wholesale price rather than the retail price, the calculated unit price isRead MoreQuantitative Practice Problems on GAPs Supply Chain Management1266 Words   |  6 Pagesstores and which at the central warehouse for the online channel? Khaki pants Information given : The mean ÃŽ ¼ 800 Standard deviation ÏÆ'100 Cost$30,- Holding cost 25% Lead time 4 weeks Target cycle service level95% z-value 1,645 Safety stock Khaki pants Service level * ÏÆ' * √( Lead time) 1,645 * 100 * √(4) Safety stock for Khaki pants = 329 Cost Khaki pants Holding cost * safety stock 0,25 * $30,- * 329 Total holding cost of Khaki pants is $2.467,50 Cashmere sweaters Information given : The mean ÃŽ ¼ 50 StandardRead MoreJ.C. Penny Case657 Words   |  3 PagesUnited States) with specifications for pants that J.C. Penny wished to buy. Synergy arranged to have the China National Textiles Import and Export corporation (Chinatex) manufacture a sample production pant. After seeing the sample, J.C. Penny ordered pants from Synergy at a price of $123.48 per dozen. Synergy contracted with Chinatex to fill the J.C. Penny order and the n attempted to enter the merchandise into the United States at $58.00 per dozen, the price Synergy had paid to Chinatex in theirRead MoreLululemon Athletica Inc. Case Analysis1506 Words   |  7 Pagesthe following: (i) quality control was top on the list as there was a recall of 17 per cent of the company s Luon pants, (ii) lawsuits issues with investors, (iii) withdrawal from the Canadian stock exchange, and (iv) bad publicity (Huang, 2014, p.5-7). Explanation of Problems In relation to the withdrawal of the Luon pants from the market in March 2013, this was owing that the pants were viewed as being over transparent by many (thehollywoodgossip, 2013). In May 2013, the lawsuits that were filedRead Moremerchandise policy - CHERMAS Essay1158 Words   |  5 PagesAssignment on Store Merchandising Policy for CHERMAS INDEX I. Introduction II. Assortment of Merchandise III. Store merchandising policy Price Range Quality Standards Fashion Leadership Maintenance of basic stock Exclusivity Read MoreThe Mass Decline Of Stakeholder Satisfaction1474 Words   |  6 Pagessatisfaction, including customers and shareholders, associated with general public criticism regarding actions of the company prior to the recall of the Luon yoga pants and the management of damage control and the recall. Specifically, these criticisms were targeted at the quality of the Luon pants, the comments made by the company regarding the pants, the controversial advertisements in their stores, the alleged dishonesty of the company, and the values of the company that were publicized through theseRead MoreThe Consumer Of Shopper Marketing992 Words   |  4 Pagesunderstanding from the influences right around the store brining in the new customers. Know your brand by grasping the benefits and money invested that would influence shopper’s decisions such as in a recession, the non-essentials is hit the hardest. Price is the dominant power of selection but is not the only choice. Shopper mar keting is a marketing program set to approach customers inside of the brick and mortar stores. Examples of shopper marketing which could be favorable for both manufacturersRead MoreMr Le Essay1628 Words   |  7 PagesCollections is aimed to appeal to younger fashion conscious customers. The division sells career wear, dreis a learge sses, skirts, blouses, pants and coats. The ideal customers targeted by the Vigor division are trend setters, women aged 25-50 who are affluent, college-educated, and proffessionals seeking fashionable yet comfortable work clothing. The retail price ranges for the division are between $150-$500 and are classified as the better range of products. Vigors current market share is 7%.

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