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The Price Of The Pants - 1037 Words

She had only browsed the store for a couple of minutes when she came across the perfect skirt. It was a short, cherry red fringed skirt made of the finest Italian cotton. She disappeared in the fitting room for a couple of minutes to try it on. Camera flashes light up the hallway as she takes pictures of herself modeling the skirt from different angles. However, the more she fell in love with the skirt the more hesitant she became of the pricey $400 price tag. Unable to justify the price of the skirt, she walked away empty handed towards a different store. After scanning multiple isles at Zara, a skirt very similar to the one she tried on earlier appeared for a fraction of the price. Sure the skirt had some loose threads and the quality of the cotton was cheaper, but the look was spot on, and was a much better purchase. Now while most of us would agree that a price reduction on a pricey item this big might seem like a savvy and economical choice, but these low price tags come with a much larger expense to others that people are not aware of. These unaccounted expenses vary from the pollution of water and air, down to the soil where these factories are built and established. It doesn’t stop there either; the fashion industry is also responsible for the destruction of land and even the deaths of individuals who work in the production segments. The purpose of this paper is to explore how fast fashion affects markets and environments, while attempting to increase awareness ofShow MoreRelatedThe Problem Of Defective Yoga Pants1297 Words   |  6 Pagescase study analysis will define the problem of defective yoga pants products, corporate corruption, and the growing media conflict of â€Å"weigh shaming† in the sizes-2-12 limits on Lululemon yoga pants. Lululemon has seen a fall in the price of stock market shares due to these major defects of yoga pants products and corporate unethical decision making processes. The Problem: Lululemon has a growing reputation for making defective yoga pants (due to sheerness and â€Å"see-through†), which has made it necessaryRead MoreDrypers Corporation Essay1021 Words   |  5 Pagesand marketer of premium- quality, valued- priced disposable baby diapers and training pants sold under the Drypers brand name in the United States and under the Drypers name and other brand names internationally. The company also manufactures and sells lower-priced disposable diapers under other brand names (Comfees) in the United States and internationally, in addition to private- label diapers, training pants, and premoistened baby wipes. In 1997, branded products represent 88.9% of company netRead MoreHarrington: Cost and Variable Costs1062 Words   |  5 Pageslow price and rapid style turnover in the women’s apparel market, along with tremendous growth in the active-wear segment, Harrington needs to work strategically to capture this profitable market opportunity. Afte r careful analysis, it was determined that Harrington should implement a new active-wear line. Financial Analysis While doing the financial analysis it is important to calculate the unit price first. Using the wholesale price rather than the retail price, the calculated unit price isRead MoreQuantitative Practice Problems on GAPs Supply Chain Management1266 Words   |  6 Pagesstores and which at the central warehouse for the online channel? Khaki pants Information given : The mean ÃŽ ¼ 800 Standard deviation ÏÆ'100 Cost$30,- Holding cost 25% Lead time 4 weeks Target cycle service level95% z-value 1,645 Safety stock Khaki pants Service level * ÏÆ' * √( Lead time) 1,645 * 100 * √(4) Safety stock for Khaki pants = 329 Cost Khaki pants Holding cost * safety stock 0,25 * $30,- * 329 Total holding cost of Khaki pants is $2.467,50 Cashmere sweaters Information given : The mean ÃŽ ¼ 50 StandardRead MoreJ.C. Penny Case657 Words   |  3 PagesUnited States) with specifications for pants that J.C. Penny wished to buy. Synergy arranged to have the China National Textiles Import and Export corporation (Chinatex) manufacture a sample production pant. After seeing the sample, J.C. Penny ordered pants from Synergy at a price of $123.48 per dozen. Synergy contracted with Chinatex to fill the J.C. Penny order and the n attempted to enter the merchandise into the United States at $58.00 per dozen, the price Synergy had paid to Chinatex in theirRead MoreLululemon Athletica Inc. Case Analysis1506 Words   |  7 Pagesthe following: (i) quality control was top on the list as there was a recall of 17 per cent of the company s Luon pants, (ii) lawsuits issues with investors, (iii) withdrawal from the Canadian stock exchange, and (iv) bad publicity (Huang, 2014, p.5-7). Explanation of Problems In relation to the withdrawal of the Luon pants from the market in March 2013, this was owing that the pants were viewed as being over transparent by many (thehollywoodgossip, 2013). In May 2013, the lawsuits that were filedRead Moremerchandise policy - CHERMAS Essay1158 Words   |  5 PagesAssignment on Store Merchandising Policy for CHERMAS INDEX I. Introduction II. Assortment of Merchandise III. Store merchandising policy Price Range Quality Standards Fashion Leadership Maintenance of basic stock Exclusivity Read MoreThe Mass Decline Of Stakeholder Satisfaction1474 Words   |  6 Pagessatisfaction, including customers and shareholders, associated with general public criticism regarding actions of the company prior to the recall of the Luon yoga pants and the management of damage control and the recall. Specifically, these criticisms were targeted at the quality of the Luon pants, the comments made by the company regarding the pants, the controversial advertisements in their stores, the alleged dishonesty of the company, and the values of the company that were publicized through theseRead MoreThe Consumer Of Shopper Marketing992 Words   |  4 Pagesunderstanding from the influences right around the store brining in the new customers. Know your brand by grasping the benefits and money invested that would influence shopper’s decisions such as in a recession, the non-essentials is hit the hardest. Price is the dominant power of selection but is not the only choice. Shopper mar keting is a marketing program set to approach customers inside of the brick and mortar stores. Examples of shopper marketing which could be favorable for both manufacturersRead MoreMr Le Essay1628 Words   |  7 PagesCollections is aimed to appeal to younger fashion conscious customers. The division sells career wear, dreis a learge sses, skirts, blouses, pants and coats. The ideal customers targeted by the Vigor division are trend setters, women aged 25-50 who are affluent, college-educated, and proffessionals seeking fashionable yet comfortable work clothing. The retail price ranges for the division are between $150-$500 and are classified as the better range of products. Vigors current market share is 7%.

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Medias Influence on Children Essay - 1324 Words

The powerful media is considered a leading influence in our society both directly and indirectly. Media is available and readily accessible today more easily than ever. Printed materials, television, sound recordings, internet, and radio all fall under the umbrella of the big bad – or seemingly bad word – media. Is media bad? How is it controlled? And where does this all stem from†¦? These are some of the major concerns parents are faced with in raising children in today’s times. Although most of our media appears to be superficial and meaningless fluff, violence and chit chat, it is also a source of education, humor and non-violent entertainment. Both salesmen and individuals wishing to promote various things have at some point made†¦show more content†¦A study was conducted on 3,155 children ages 2-18, in regard to the impact of media on society. The survey was done by The Kaiser Family Foundation, and independent national healthcare philanthropy , and the results appeared alarming. Children ages 8 and above, 65% have a bedroom TV and 21% have a bedroom computer. Of all kids, in all ages in our society 69% have a computer at home and 45% with internet access. One of the many results researchers were surprised to hear that of the children ages 8 and above, 61% live in homes without any rules regarding TV and internet usage. Many researchers and educators were alarmed with the extreme results and the percentage of time children spend watching television. They believe there is a connection between too much media consumption and violence or acting out among children. (Barbour, et al, 2008) (Clark Blackwell, 2002) In the discussions regarding the influences media presents to our society two important factors must be included. On factor, called media literacy was addressed by an educator, Renee Hobbs. Hobbs is quoted saying â€Å"Just because our students can use the media and technology doesn’t mean they are effective at critically analyzing and evaluating the messages they receive.† Hobbs continues to express her ideas, by saying children need to be taught the skills to ask important questions about the media they watch, see, listen to andShow MoreRelatedMedia’s Influence on Children and Adolescents Essay examples574 Words   |  3 Pagesis â€Å"born† in it. By this statement, it is implied that children today are much closer to technology and media than adults are, and so, are more likely to be affected by it. Perhaps, the highest impact on the physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development of children and adolescents is by media due to its ready availability through Smart phones, tablet PCs and other portable devices. This paper attempts to evaluate some of the influences of media on various aspects of child and adolescent developmentRead MoreA Culture Of Perfection : Media s Influence On Adolescents1362 Words   |  6 PagesCulture of Perfection: Media’s Inf luence on Adolescents Comparison. It is one of the most dangerous and detrimental habits within our society. We fall into a routine of â€Å"self-checking† ourselves against others; mentally taking notes of what we can improve and what we are doing better. We all know that comparison often takes its’ toll on our confidence and self-worth; what we may not realize, however, is how early these destructive habits begin and why. The media’s influence is everywhere and its’Read MoreEffects of Mass Medias Ideal of Thinness1482 Words   |  6 Pagesindividuals are changing their perspectives to match that of the media’s current ideals. Concern over the media’s influence on body image has recently risen, striking the notion that many people regard the images shown throughout media as ‘real’. However, unbeknownst to them, such unbelievably thin body types are not quite attainable in reality, and therefore, individuals’ own beauty ideals and body images become unrealistic. The mass media’s ideal image of thinness has greatly impacted the overall bodyRead MoreSocial Media and Society Negatively Influence Gender Roles1376 Words   |  5 Pages Social media and society negatively influence gender roles and perpetuates stereotypical gender behavior. These influences can be found in sports, school, the arts, and the workplace. No matter what stage of life a person is in they will continue to be bombarded by the harshness of stereotypes. However, between the ages of 9 and 15 people are at their most vulnerable state because they are evaluating the people around them and are able to see how media perceives gender roles. Although, men are affectedRead MoreSkipping to Adulthood: Teenagers Today Essay779 Words   |  4 Pagesearlier than the generations before. Many teens have also been expected to make this step in life without the help of a parent or mature adult, because they are too busy with their own lives. The media has re placed parents’ jobs of teaching their children about life, and the media surrounds teens with mature themes which affect teenagers in a negative way. Many teenagers have lost a section of their lives by having to skip to adulthood where they are unprotected from many negative parts of this worldRead MoreEssay about The Media And Violence979 Words   |  4 Pages The debate regarding the medias relationship to violence in society has been a hot issue for most of the past century. From the beginning of the wide use of mass media, from films to radio to television, researchers have tried to explain any association or correlation between media effects and violence. Of particular interest and concern has been the issue of violence in the media and the impact that this has on children. Although important research efforts have increased our understanding ofRead MoreMedia s Effect On Teens986 Words   |  4 Pagesmedia. According to the Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC), the suicide rate is currently the third largest leading causes of death among teenagers, and the numbers are growing day by day. Media’s contribution to this upward trend of suicide may be debatable, but we can’t deny the influence of television commercials on teens. Through false advertisements, unrealistic standard of beauty, and social norms, Media i s fueling a national epidemic of teen suicide. Despite its downside, Mass MediaRead MoreMedia Portrayal Of The Criminal Justice System945 Words   |  4 Pagescrime and justice and in doing this, it presents an often dramatized representation of the criminal justice system; and this does not just influence on the public’s lay view of crime but also for criminal justice experts (Marsh, 2014). In the media it is commonly known that they are a business, and businesses need to make a profit. Because of this, the media’s portrayal of the criminal justice system has been very negative. With the news, their main purpose is to produce what sells. So many ofRead MoreEssay on Media Influence on American Youth848 Words   |  4 PagesMedia Influence on American Youth The United States of America has endured many massacres throughout the countries existents leaving scars in Americans hearts that will never cease to exist. One of these scars was left on Americans during a massacre in Littleton, Colorado leaving fifteen people dead including two shooters and twenty one injured. Many Americans wonder who and why anyone would do such massacres, especially on their own country. Although social media, video games, and television canRead MoreMass Media Essay1114 Words   |  5 Pagesis to provide news/information, education, and entertainment. With these purposes, comes the influence of all the information we are exposed to. Most might say that mass media has had a positive impact on society as it’s made communication and information easily accessible for everyone. However, what they’re not aware of is the negative influences it has brought to women’s body-image. Because of the media’s endless advertisements of what is consi dered â€Å"beautiful† or â€Å"perfect†, eating disorders and

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Design of Byzantine Churches Free Essays

CASE AREAS In this survey three Byzantine Churches from KadA ±kalesi ( Anaia ) , BaAYpA ±nar and Aigai were selected as the instance countries to analyze the features of wall pictures from Byzantine period in Western Anatolia ( Figure 1 ) . Figure 1. Location of Anaia, BaAYpA ±nar and Aigai ( Beginning: Ramsey 1890 ) 1. We will write a custom essay sample on Design of Byzantine Churches or any similar topic only for you Order Now KadA ±kalesi ( Anaia ) KadA ±kalesi is an ancient colony located in Davutlarlar in the South of KuAYadasA ± – AydA ±n. It is located 8 kilometer from the Centre of KuAYadasA ± . The site is surrounded by gazebos at the present ( Figure 2 ) . KadA ±kalesi is an upstate palace built in 12th century AD. It is a portion of Byzantine circle of defence against Turks. The ancient name of KadA ±kalesi has been identified as Anaia. KadA ±kalesi ( Anaia ) was founded in a location opposing Samos Island that controls the Samos Strait. It was bordered by Ephesos in the North and Miletos ancient metropolis in the South. Figure 2. Aerial exposure of KadA ±kalesi ( WEB1 ) Anaia is situated on a burial mound dating back to the prehistoric ages. Earliest ruins in KadA ±kalesi is dated to late chalcolithic period. Six different colony strata from late chalcolithic to Byzantine have been determined by diggings ( Akdeniz 2007 ) . These are: Stratum I- Islam-Byzantine ( Anaia ) Stratum II- Ancient Greece-Roman Empire Stratum III- Late Bronze Age ( three stages ) Stratum IV- Middle Bronze Age Stratum Va- Early Bronze Age III Stratum Vb- Early Bronze Age II Stratum Vc- Early Bronze Age I Stratum VI- Late Chalcolithic Age Name Anaia is first seen in the list of taxpaying towns of Attic-Delos Union in the first half of the 5 century BC. There is a deficiency of cognition for the Hellenistic period of Anaia. A temple dedicated to Hera had been present in Anaia in the Roman period ( 2neodymium– 3rdcentury AD ) . By the acceptance of Christianity as the official faith in 4Thursdaycentury AD Anaia had been an episcopate centre. In 13Thursdaycentury Anaia had been promoted to archbishop centre. The metropolis was transferred to the Genosians in 1261. Through the undermentioned 50 old ages the metropolis was occupied by the Genosians, the Venetians, the Catalans and the Turks. Anaia was captured by the Turks in the early 1300s. In the fourteenth century the country was under the regulation of AydA ±noglu Emirate and so in the fifteenth century it became under the regulation of Ottomans ( Mercangoz 2007 ) . Scientific digging in Anaia began in 2001 under the supervising of Prof.Dr. Zeynep Mercangoz ( Ege University ) . At first the purpose of the digging was to make some glade and allow the palace seen with all its impressiveness. But in 2005 a monumental church-monastery composite was uncovered. The Church has a basilical program with three naves and an apsis. Apse of the church is next to fortress wall. There is a five stepped brick synthronon in the apsis. On the west terminal of the church there are an esonarthex ( interior narthex ) and an exonarthex ( outer narthex ) that enclose the esonarthex at three sides. On the southeast corner of the esonarthex a chapel is located next to east wall of exonarthex and south wall of nave. There is a cistern associated with the church on the West of exonarthex ( Figure 3, 4 ) . Brick and rubble rock had been used in rows in masonry of church. Figure 3. Partial program of the church composite ( WEB 2 ) Figure 4. Nave of the church The church has been decorated with wall pictures which merely a little fragment is present. The most preserved pictures are located on the nathex walls, synthronon walls and trefoil planned infinite at the West of exonarthex ( Figure 5 ) . Figure 5. Wall painting fragments on the walls of a: esonarthex, B: nave, degree Celsius: synthronon A infrastructure located under the apsis of the church was uncovered during 2012 diggings. This infinite can be reached through an arched gap on the eastern terminal of the north frontage of the church. The walls of the infrastructure were built with cut rock blocks. Brick was used for the building of the vault. At a ulterior period a brace of buttresses and arches were added for support of the vault ( Figure 6 ) . The vault of the infrastructure has been decorated with intensive wall pictures ( Figure 7 ) . Figure 6. General position of the infrastructure. A: from North to south, B: from South to north Figure 7. Wall pictures on the vault of the infrastructure 2. BaAYpA ±nar Mount Nif is located on the E of A °zmir Bay. It is bordered with KemalpaAYa lowland on the North, Karabel sound on the E and TorbalA ± lowland on the E. Former name of the Mount Nif was Olympos. Although there are many ruins of different civilizations dated from the eight century BC to the 13 century AD, most of them are from Hellenistic and Byzantine periods ( Tulunay 2008 ) . The first Archaeological diggings began in 2006 in Mount Nif. Excavations continues on four different colonies which are Karamattepe, BallA ±caoluk, DaAYkA ±zA ±lca and BaAYpA ±nar ( Figure 8 ) . An antediluvian colony which was used as cemetery at Hellenic period in Karamattepe, munition walls in BallA ±caoluk, a cemetery in DaAYkA ±zA ±lca and a Byzantine composite in BaAYpA ±nar was discovered ( Tulunay 2008 ) . Karamattepe BallA ±caoluk DaAYkA ±zA ±lca BaAYpA ±nar Figure 8. Excavation countries of Nif ( Olympus ) Mountain Research and Excavation Project ( WEB 3 ) Figure 9. General position of BaAYpA ±nar Church BaAYpA ±nar is located on the southeasterly incline of Mount Nif. Excavations on BaAYpA ±nar began in 2007 as a portion of â€Å"Nif ( Olympus ) Mountain Research and Excavation Project† under the supervising of Prof.Dr. Elif Tul Tulunay ( A °stanbul University ) . Ruins on BaAYpA ±nar is a Byzantine composite of two next churches and a chapel located on the South of churches ( Figure 9 ) . The church on the North ( Building A ) is a three aisled basilica with a apsis which is round from inside and polygonal from outside ( Tulunay 2012 ) . The church is 20*17 m in dimension. The church on the South ( Building B ) has a cross-in-square program with three round apsiss ( YalcA ±n 2011a ) . There is a simple synthronon in the cardinal apsis. Narthex is located on the West of churches. Figure 9. Aerial Photograph of Church composite Brick and rubble rock had been used in rows in masonry of churches ( Figure 10a ) . Although the floor covering of the churches was damaged by illegal diggings in some parts â€Å"opus sectile† covering is preserved ( Figure 10b ) . Constructing A had been decorated with intensive wall pictures which merely a little portion survived today ( Figure 10c, 10d ) . These pictures represent different edifice phases due to two different completing beds ( Figure 10e ) . Paintings are by and large cosmetic geometric bordures and conventionalized flowered designs. Harmonizing to the building technique, pallet and cosmetic features of pictures and features of the clayware covered through diggings the church composite is dated to Lascaris Period ( 13Thursdaycentury AD ) ( YalcA ±n 2011b ) . a B degree Celsiuss vitamin D vitamin E Figure 10. General positions from BaAYpA ±nar Church. a: brick and rubble rock rows in masonry, B: Opus sectile floor covering, c-d: wall picture fragments, vitamin E: plaster beds 3. Aigai The ancient metropolis of Aigai was located on Mount Gun at the 2 kilometer South of YunddaAYA ± Koseler Village in Manisa. Aigai was one of the 12 metropoliss of Aeolia founded by Aeolians migrated from Greece and settled in north-west Anatolia ( Strabon 2005 ) . Archaeological diggings indicate that the foundation of Aigai goes back to the first half of the 7th century BC ( DoAYer 2007 ) . Aigai make a base against Iranian laterality in 547 BC and maintained its independency. The metropolis had been dominated by the Kingdom of Pergamon until 133 BC. After that Aigai had been dominated by Roman Empire. Aigai was abandoned due to Arabic foraies in 7th century AD. In 12 – 13th centuries the colony contunied as a little Byzantine fortress on a limited country behind the Iron Gate ( Sezgin 2013 ) . Figure 11. Site program of Aigai ( Source: Bohn and Schuchhardt 1889 ) The first research on the Ancient metropolis was carried out by S. Reinach and W.M. Ramsay in 1881. The first diggings in Aigai was conducted by Gallic research worker M.A. Clerck in the summer of 1882. The most extended survey was conducted by Pergamon digging members R. Bohn and C. Scuchhardt ( Figure 11 ) ( Sezgin 2013 ) . Recent digging ( since 2004 ) in Aigai is carried out by a squad from Ege University Archaeology Department under the presidential term of Prof. Dr. Ersin DoAYer. Figure 12. Agora wall of Aigai Figure 13. Theatre of Aigai The most of import constructions survived in Aigai are bouleterion, agora, theater, macellum, necropolis, cisterns, Tiberius Gate, Iron Gate and Byzantine Chapel ( Figure 12-13 ) . Byzantine Chapel is located near eastern metropolis wall on the field called the Iron Gate. The Chapel is a simple edifice with a rectangular program ( 12.40*6.20m ) and a individual apsis ( Figure 14 ) . Due to the tomps on the nor’-east corner of the apsis wall, it is thought that the edifice has served as a burial chapel for the little Christian community. Walls are constructed with spolia rock blocks on the outer parts and jumping brick and rock stuff on the inner parts. Mud howitzer is used. Traces of lime plaster are observed on the interior sides of the walls. Byzantine coins and glassy claywares found in chapel during diggings prove that the edifice was in usage in 12 – 13Thursdaycenturies ( DoAYer and Sezgin 2012 ) . Figure 14. Byzantine Chapel Mentions Akdeniz, E. 2007. â€Å"KadA ±kalesi KazA ±sA ± Miken BuluntularA ± ( Mycenaean Findings from the Excavations of KadA ±kalesi ) .†Arkeoloji Dergisi1: 35-70. Bohn, R. , Schuchhardt, C. 1889. Altertumer von Aigai. German capital: Georg Reimer. DoAYer, E. 2007. Aigai 2004-2006 YA ±lA ± KazA ±larA ± .In 29. KazA ± SonuclarA ± ToplantA ±sA ± I. 28 May-01 June 2007. DoAYer, E. Sezgin, Y. 2012. Ege Universitesi KazA ±larA ± . A °zmir: Ege Universitesi. Mercangoz, Z. 2007. KuAYadasA ± , KadA ±kalesi KazA ±sA ± 2006 YA ±lA ± CalA ±AYmalarA ± .In 29. KazA ± SonuclarA ± ToplantA ±sA ± I.28 May- 01 June 2007. Ramsey, W.M. 1890.The Historical Geography of Asia Minor. London: John Murray Strabon. 2005.Antik Anadolu CoAYrafyasA ± – Geographika. A °stanbul: Arkeoloji ve Sanat YayA ±nlarA ± . Sezgin, Y. 2013. â€Å"Aiolis’te Bir DaAY Kenti: Aigai.†Trakya Universitesi Edebiyat Fakultesi Dergisi3/5: 95-116 Tulunay, E.T. 2012. â€Å"Smyrna ( A °zmir ) YakA ±nlarA ±nda Bircok Kulturu BarA ±ndA ±ran DaAY : Nif ( Olympos ) †COLLOQUIUM ANATOLICUM XI:81-99 Tulunay, E.T, 2008. Nif ( Olympos ) DaAYA ± AraAYtA ±rma Projesi: 2007 YA ±lA ± KazA ±sA ± .In 30. UluslararasA ± KazA ± , AraAYtA ±rma ve Arkeometri Sempozyumu, Ankara YalcA ±n, A.B. 2011a. â€Å"The Nif ( Nymphaion ) Mountain Project: A new Byzantine Complex Discovered.† A. Nikolov ( ed. ) , In the Proceedings of the 22neodymiumInternational Congress of Byzantine Studies, Sofia August 22-27. YalcA ±n, A. B 2011b â€Å"The Nif Mountain Project: The Byzantine Complex at BaAYpA ±nar.† , The International Scientific Conference ‘Ecclesiastical History Today: Recent Paradigms and New Approaches’ , 297-300. Moscow November 7-9. How to cite Design of Byzantine Churches, Essay examples

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CFO Roles and Responsibilities

Question: Discuss about the CFO : Roles and Responsibilities. Answer: Introduction: The Chief Financial Officer of the Santos Limited is Mr. Anthony Neilson. He is an Chartered Accountant with the experience in the sector of the oil and the gas in the United states, China, South East Asia, and the Australia. Before joining the Santos Limited, he was working in the Roc Oil Company Limited as the Chief Executive Officer and the Hong Kong-listed investor Fosun International Limited acquired that company in the year 2014. The Chief Financial Officer of the Roc Oil Company Limited was also Mr. Anthony Neilson, which held by the role at the Caltex Australia, Credit Suisse First Boston (London), and the Arthur Andersen (Sydney) for the finance and the business services. He has the experience about the 14 years in the field of the oil and the gas. He has the skills of the risk management as well as the strong knowledge about the finance and that skills will help the Santos Limited for the reduction of the cost and for increasing the operating cash flows and the management o f the balance sheet for making the value for the shareholders. He has also joined the new executive committee, which has the ability of the technicals for the transformation of the Santos Limited into the business, which has the high performance and generates the low cost of the transactions and the reliable business. Mr. Neilson has completed his Master of Business Administration from the AGSM. He is also the partner of the Financial Services Institute of Australia and the member of the Chartered Accountant in Australia and the New Zealand. Mr. Anthony Neilson will start his responsibilities in the month of the December 2016 (Santos Limited, 2016). The responsibilities of the CFO have changed from the previous year. Mr. Anthony Neilson will analyze the financial statements and he will revolve in the production. Mr. Neilson has also known to perform the accounting function on the computers. The responsibilities of the CFO and their function are distinct into the different roles: The strategist CFO The responsibility of the Mr. Neilson is to make himself, the strategist to the CEO. The success behind the effective CFO are do the management of the financial function, reports the numbers, and should take implemented actions according to the events, which is uncontrollable. The responsibility of the CFO is to look around the each operation, which has conducted in the company. They should have the ability to think and to apply the critical skills with the financial sharpness for achieving the long-term goals of the company. The CFO as the leader Another responsibility of the CFO is making himself a leader, which has the capabilities to implement the strategies of the company. The roles of the CFO are not limited only to the analysis of the efforts, which has done by the others employees or any departments of the company. Now the CFO also takes the responsibilities for the ownership of the financial results of the company and the team of the senior management. The CFO is also responsible for the leadership, which has provided to the others team members of the senior management such as the CEO of the company. The role of the CFO is also making the tough decisions, which is impossible or rare and difficult, but has to take those steps for the success of the company. The CFO as a team leader The responsibilities of the CFO are the leadership ability in the team to the other employees for performing the financial function for both inside and the outside. He is not only responsible for the performance of the team but also for the achievement of the greatest result with the help of the talents of the team. The CFO would generate the best results by the evaluation of the strength of the team members and achieved the performance at the high level with the help of the performance of the individual. The responsibility of the CFO is to bring the talents of the individuals, which have varied from each other and that can be helpful for the achievement of the financial performance. The CFO with the third parties The CFO are also responsible to build and the maintains the relationship with the third parties. These third parties may be customers, vendors, and the bankers also. The people who are not working in the same organization are look forward on the performance of the company, which has conducted by the senior management team such as the CEO of the company. However, in most cases the CFO certifies the financial ability of the company. The role of the CFO is also to make the sustainability of the company for the customers, vendors, and the bankers. These parties also look forward to the roles of the CFO about the truth regarding the financial ability of the company that will deliver the commitment, which has created by the CFO (The Strategic CFO, 2015 Santos Limited The Santos Limited is the producers, which is leading to the oil and the gas in the region of the Asia-Pacific. This company is supply the energy to the homes as per the requirements also to the business and the large industries in the Australia and the Asia. Santos Limited is one of the biggest explorations of the Cooper Basin origin and has the acreage of the production in the Australia. The Santos Limited has the infrastructure that is extensive and gives the commitment towards the supply to the domestic market, open resources and the major value as well as the performance. The portfolio of the liquefied natural gas, which has the high quality and the pipeline gas and the oil assets, supports it. With the help of these, Santos provides the long-term values to the shareholders. The foundation of the Santos depends on the security, sustainability of the operations, and the coordination with the shareholders, society, governments, and the partners of the business. The company innovat es the new process and the creativity, adopts new things, and always ready to accept the new challenges and develop the opportunities and solve the problems of the customers. The company determines the value and the power in the varied things. The company are communicating with the customers for the understanding their views and demonstrate the leadership by share their idea and for the achievements of the results, they challenged each other. The employees of the Santos Limited accepts the responsibilities as their own responsibilities and delivered the work in time with the quality assurance that will give the benefits to the Santos Limited, which is helpful to achieved the vision and the strategy of the company (Santos Limited, 2016). Efficient market hypothesis The theory of the market, which had evolved from the 1960 by the Eugene Fama. He states the efficient market hypothesis is that at the given point of the time and in the market of the liquid, the prices of the security that discloses the information, which is available. The existence of the efficient market hypothesis is in the different degrees i.e., weak, semi-strong, and the strong, which includes the market prices of the non-public information. The theory of the efficient market hypothesis contains the market, which are efficient and the present price, which discloses all the information, which started to perform in the market, which should have the probability instead of the skills. The first form of the EMH is the weak form that assumes the present price of the stock that discloses all the information regarding security market, which is presently available. It states that there is no relation between the previous price and the volume of the data along with the future prices of the security. It is concluded from this from that the over return is not possible with the help of the technical analysis. Another form is the semi-strong that states that the present prices of the stock has adjusted fastly for releasing the new public information. It includes that the prices of the security are available as per the market and the information of the non-market public. It has concluded from this form that the high return is not possible with the help of the fundamental analysis. The last form is the strong form that states that the present prices of the stock are disclose both all the information that is public and the private. It includes the factorization of the market, non-market, and the internal information has done into the prices of the security, which having no access monopolistic to the relevant information. There is an assumption of the perfect market and it has concluded from this form that the greater return is not possible for achieving consistently (Morning Star Inc, 2016). The role of the pension fund manager The main responsibility of the pension fund manager is to manage the pension fund with the pool of the money, which has paid by the company for the benefits. The other responsibilities are: Development of the policies, which has related to the pension, and the packages of the benefits. Review and discuss the strategy of the funds with the advisors, investment managers, and the board of the company. Management of the relationship, between the employer and the trustee. Give advice to the company of the new issues that has related to the finance. Provide awareness about the matters, which has related to the pensions. Ensuring about that the schemes are operating in the effective way and meeting the target. Execute all the administration of the pension schemes (Manpower Nigeria, 2016). References Santos Limited.(2016).what we do. Retrieved from Santos Limited.(2016). Appointment of CFO. Retrieved from The Strategic CFO.(2015).the role of the CFO. Retrieved from VAGO.(2004).CFO: roles and responsibilities. Retrieved from Morning Star Inc.(2016).efficient market hypothesis. Retrieved from Manpower Nigeria.(2016).pension scheme manager. Retrieved from

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Of Mice and Men Animal Imagery Essay Example

Of Mice and Men Animal Imagery Paper In the novel, Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck uses comparisons between animals and humans to demonstrate Lennie’s animalistic qualities. Steinbeck compares Lennie to animals to illustrate his innocence, immaturity, unawareness, and curiosity. Animal imagery is used to provide insight to the characters personalities and behaviors through the comparison between Lennie and a bear, his obsession with rabbits, and his similarities to Candy’s dog. Throughout the novel, Steinbeck compares Lennie’s natures and habits to that of a bear. At the beginning of the novel, Lennie’s gait is described as similar to the way a bear drags his paws (2). The word â€Å"drags† hints a sense of relaxation and calmness which is evident in Lennie’s personality. Lennie is not concerned with the trivial matters that consume the other characters. As Lennie bends down to get water from the pond, he dabbles his big paw in the water and wiggles his fingers to make circles(3). â€Å"Dabbles† illustrates the delicacy in his movement and shows his unawareness to his immense, bearlike size. Lennie is not worried about anything except how the water ripples. He remains unaffected by the everyday struggles of the majority of people in this time period. The comparison between Lennie and a bear show his unusual and immense size, but also the curious and careful nature of his personality. Lennie’s obsession with rabbits shows his immature and innocent personality. After Lennie kills one of the pups, he is extremely concerned with the fact that George might not allow him to tend the rabbits anymore(85). Lennie’s immaturity is portrayed by his inability to realize the full extent of what he has done. Before George shoots Lennie, Lennie makes sure that he will still assume the position as the rabbit tender(105). This is another example of how Lennie’s immaturity is illustrated. We will write a custom essay sample on Of Mice and Men Animal Imagery specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Of Mice and Men Animal Imagery specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Of Mice and Men Animal Imagery specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Although Lennie just killed Curley’s wife, he is only concerned with the rabbits. Lennie’s love of rabbits is a clear example of his immaturity and innocence. Candy’s relationship with his dog is similar to George and Lennie’s connection. Candy tells Slim â€Å"He doesn’t mind taking care of his dog,† but Slim agrees he needs to be shot(45). Lennie and Candy’s dog both were unable to escape death, and Slim agrees in both situations that it is for the better. Towards the end of the dog’s life, Carlson explained to Candy that â€Å"he’d shoot the dog right in the back of the head. He wouldn’t feel it†(45). After George shoots Lennie, Curley points out â€Å"right in the back of the head†(107). George shot Lennie himself so Lennie would not be afraid. Neither the dog or Lennie saw it coming, nor were they aware that their lives were about to end. The comparison between Candy’s dog and Lennie illustrate Lennie’s innocence and his unawareness of what he had done. Animal imagery is used throughout the novel to show the comparison between Lennie’s personalities to that of an animal. Each animal demonstrates a different behavior of Lennie’s. The bear shows his curiosity, the rabbits show his innocence and immaturity, and the dog shows his unawareness.

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7 Tips To Bag Your Dream Writing Gig

7 Tips To Bag Your Dream Writing Gig 7 Tips To Bag Your Dream Writing Gig 7 Tips To Bag Your Dream Writing Gig By Colin It’s an average morning in freelance writing land. You’re dressed and fed (maybe), you’ve checked your inbox, and now you’re sipping on a fresh cup of coffee while scanning the Internet job boards for writing gigs of interest. Then you see it. A job that is so suited for you and your writing style, you may as well have written the advert yourself. It’s ideal, it’s your dream writing gig, it’s perfect for you and you’d do anything to get it. But how DO you get it? In what way can you convince the client that from the hundreds of applications they may be about to receive, you are the one that deserves it most? Here are seven top tips to help you rise above the crowd, and help you bag your dream freelance writing gig. 1. Read The Requirements It’s kind of obvious, but it’s important, and something that is overlooked by so many. Remember at school when you were told always to double read the questions in the exam paper? That advice still holds true. Always read the advert once, twice – thrice – because understanding what is required is they key to telling the client what they want to hear. Editors get annoyed when a writer submits an application, query or submission for consideration, when it is painfully obvious he hasn’t read the advert or the editorial requirements. And rightfully so, because it demonstrates a lack of professionalism, and indicates the writer is not serious enough to have researched the publication or the company he is applying to. An application or query from a writer who has carefully read the editorial requirements, and has used them to his advantage, will always shine through. It will help to ensure he floats quickly to the top of the pile and gets a quicker response. 2. Write a Killer Query You know what is wanted, and you understand the requirements fully, now you have to write a killer query to grab the editor’s attention. I’ll cover query letter writing in detail in another article, but it goes without saying that a good initial approach in a query or application, as well as demonstrating a respect for the editorial guidelines, should also contain perfect spelling and grammar. It should be well constructed, be exciting, and should make the editor’s decision an easy one. Query letters or emails that are poorly written will go straight into the bin. 3. Make It Personal When you apply for a writing gig, it may be you have no idea who the client is other than ‘the editor.’ Obviously, you could address your query to ‘The Editor,’ but with a little bit of time taken to research and personalise the letter, you will stand a greater chance of being remembered and taken seriously as a contender for the position. Go to the company’s website. If it is not specifically mentioned, look at the email address where submissions and queries are to be sent, and enter the domain in Google. If it’s an anonymous email address, search on the company name. Read up on the company; their business reports, press releases, company history, ethos, products, employees, etc. If you can find out about the actual person you are applying to, then even better. Remember, knowledge is power to be used wisely, so use what you learn to beef up your application. Address it to the person mentioned in the advert, and adapt your letter to your prospective employer, making the connection between them and you that little bit stronger. 4. Don’t Be A Designer If you are querying via email always send in text format only. HTML emails are not always displayed properly by the email system you are sending to, or even appreciated by the person at the other end, so don’t be tempted. There should be no fancy images, headers, or signatures – just the basics of a strong, positive, attention grabbing query. The same applies in concept to snail mail letters. Remove fancy and coloured fonts, and forget about images – they only move the reader’s attention away from the content. Letter headings are acceptable, but make sure yours is subtle and contains your contact details. 5. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread! In the same way you should always proofread your articles, always proofread your query letters or applications. It’s the final line to cross to getting your application considered, so make sure it is perfect. We’re all guilty of the odd error, but you should always check for: Spelling Grammar Sentence structure Formality versus informality Contact information Suitability Strength of hook Suitability Everyone has different ways of proofreading their work. I tend to batter out an article then leave it for a day or two. I’ll go back to it and bring it together over a couple of drafts, then go over it a few times looking for all of the above. Finally, I’ll leave it alone for a day or two, then go back and read it out loud, and then read it backwards. 6. Show Off Your Skills In the same way the first rule of fiction writing is to ‘show, not tell,’ bagging your dream (or any) freelance writing gig incorporates the same principle: show them how good you are, don’t just tell them. It’s ok to list your publishing credits and it can be an impressive way of hooking an editor’s interest, but put yourself in his shoes: wouldn’t you rather see evidence of how good this fantastic writer is, rather than taking his word for it? Send some clips, and if you have some related material you have worked on in the past, make sure that is top of the file. If you are applying via email, consider creating a PDF document you can attach to your submission that highlights your best and most relevant clips. Some places don’t accept email attachments for reasons of security or stubbornness. If this is the case create a web page with the same information, including links if applicable, that the editor can then go and find. If they specify in their requirements they do not want attachments, they mean it, and will likely delete your application before it is read. But it also means they will probably be used to clicking on a link instead, and reviewing a writer’s clips online. If you dont have any clips, send a sample of something youve written. And if you really want to impress, write a short example that is entirely specific to them and the work they are advertising for, and send that along with your query. Going the extra yard could guarantee you are afforded time and consideration by most reasonable editors, and can be all you need to get your foot in the door. 7. Sell Yourself As your career progresses make a point of collecting testimonials from clients youve worked for. These can be in the form of quotes from emails, letters, or verbal. Include them on your website and in all your marketing and promotional material. When it comes to winning over an editor, theres nothing more impressive than reading a personal recommendation. And finally, never be afraid to tell someone how good you are. Don’t be arrogant about it, but don’t back away from accentuating your positives. Getting the dream gigs is all about selling and impressing, so don’t let someone else bag your gig simply because you were too shy to tell an editor how much you want the job. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Freelance Writing category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:50 Slang Terms for Money50 Types of PropagandaSit vs. Set

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One country in The Middle East (Egypt) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

One country in The Middle East (Egypt) - Essay Example Besides, Oman and Saudi Arabia are the neighboring nations. Dresch (2000) makes clear that â€Å"The Yemen is encircled by sea form the west, south and east† (p.43). One can see that Yemen’s nearness to the African continent and as the exit point of the Middle East Asia are crucial in international relationships. The ethnic makeup of Yemen includes Arabs and tribal people like Zaydis and Al-Akhdams. In addition, Islam is the most important religion in Yemen. Within Islam, there are two religious groups in Yemen: Sunnis and Shiites. So, this can be regarded as the primary religious division in Yemen. Unlike other Arabian nations, Yemen is not a religious republic, but a unitary parliamentary republic (presidential republic). Earlier, internal conflict due to the division of Yemen into North and South blocs was a serious problem. But unification of both the blocs into the Republic of Yemen reduced the further scope of internal problems. In the present condition, the inter nal conflict related to the Yemeni uprising (2011–2012) is a burning issue. Besides, violation of human rights and corruption are other problems faced by Yemen. Unlike other nations in the Middle East, Yemen is an underdeveloped nation. Blashfield (2012) states that, â€Å"It is now the poorest country in the Arab world† (p.4). To be specific, lack of infrastructure development and the rapid depletion of the existing oil deposits are the major problems which affects the economic development of Yemen. The Yemenis are inspired by the Arab Spring and the same resulted in the dethroning of Ali Abdullah Saleh. One can see that the Yemeni uprising resulted in the initiative to re-draft the constitution of Yemen. As pointed out, Yemen is not rich in oil deposits. Besides, the oil deposits in Yemen are showing rapid decrease in production. On the other side, lack of infrastructure development is hindering the scope